Centre de formation à rennes en Français Langue étrangère (FLE) et Français Langue d'Insertion (FLI)


With Dialangues, you can learn French for your studies or for your professionnal future

We have an active partnership with Rennes educational establishments, who are confident in us and our competences. The Dialangues specific method adapts CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to base your learning process on exchange and practice. Through your specific projects - professional or studies - in France and your expected results, we will build your own program in partnership, in order to obtain new abilities and be operational as soon as you finish your training.

In a warm ambiance, perfectly convenient to learn, our fully qualified and experienced French teachers will give you their passion of their native language. Multilingual, they will be able to reassure you when needed.

Our team is very involved in the local cultural life, and will introduce you week after week to cultural programs of Rennes and its region, because learning a language is not only about grammar.

For more information, contact us.

Special offer for students preparing ESC Admission (or other french schools):

Those sessions are blended-learning programmes, including group courses with our teachers and a constant access to our interactive platform  (online exercices with teachers correction). 

Choose between 2 programmes :

French Course Programme, to improve your French while you are studying in France.

English TOEIC Test Programme : get a high score to the TOEIC test and prepare your admission in French schools.


35 200 RENNES

Tél : 02 99 50 32 32   (de 8h00 à 19h00)
Email : accueil@dialangues.net

Accueil : du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12h00 & 14h à 18h.

Horaires des cours : du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 21h, Samedi de 9h00 à 18h00 et après 21h00 en semaine sur rendez-vous.


TECHNOPARK, Route de Nouaceur 

Email secrétariataccueil@dialangues.net

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